The Difference Between Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing

Are you thinking of publishing a book and now it’s time to decide between traditional versus self-publishing?   Before you waste a TON of time (and money), let me give you the rundown of what the difference is between traditional publishing and self-publishing – because there are pluses and minus to both to consider.   …

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Media Goals – Why You Need Them & How To Reach Them

katie reiss

What goals on your list have been left unchecked so far this year that you wanted to accomplish in order to gain media coverage and publicity?   July is the perfect time of year to check in and reflect on the publicity goals you first made in January. Here we are in the middle of…

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What Should I Do With A Media Clip?

You spend days, even weeks trying to get that great media placement, you do the segment or get the article published, and you even get a clip of it! Great! Now what?   What the heck should you do with the media clip?   So many clients come to me after completing their media segments,…

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Why Research Is Important When Pitching To The Media

tv recording camera interview

Are you in the beginning phases of pitching to the media?   Even if you’re just thinking about it, here’s something you should know:   It’s really important to get to know the show/publication/podcast you’re pitching to and what they cover. There is nothing more frustrating than putting a lot of time and effort into…

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