PR Holiday Gift Guide

gift guide

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the business person in your life; then check out this holiday gift guide that will take care of all their media needs! It has everything you need to have a great experience in the media; from microphones to the best camera tripods, there’s something for…

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What I am grateful for: Amanda McVicker Interview

Amanda McVicker

Katie (00:00): Hi everyone, Katie Riess here, and we continue our series on people I am really grateful for. This week we’ll be honoring Amanda McVicker, my amazing OBM, who I could not be where I am today without honestly. I wanted to introduce her to all of you and let you say hi and…

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What I am Grateful For: Stephanie Moram Interview

Katie (00:00): Hi everyone. Katie Riess here with KT Media Strategies. And for November, I am talking to people and talking about people who I am grateful for. I think it’s a great time of year to acknowledge the people around us that we’re grateful for. So this week, I have my amazing client, Stephanie…

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What I am Grateful For Series: Rita Goodroe Interview

What I am grateful for Katie (00:00): Katie Riess here with KT Media Strategies. I am continuing my series this month and next month on who I am grateful for in life and my business, KT Media Strategies. And that would not be where it is today without today’s guest, Rita Goodroe of Rita, Made Me Do It. She…

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A Special Announcement from Katie

I am grateful

*This is the first video in a Thankful series Katie is doing, highlighting clients, publicists, and those who helped to make KT Media Strategies what it is today. For the month of November, I want to share with everyone some of the amazing people and things that I am grateful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving…

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