How to leverage PR and media placements

media coverage

You’ve gotten media coverage or an exciting engagement with someone – now what? What do you do with media coverage links once you have it? I get asked these questions a lot! Hopefully you’re excited as heck to share it – so that’s what you should do! The whole point of publicity and media coverage…

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Expertise/ Thought Leadership

communication statement

Do you know your exact expertise? Do you know how to relay it to your audience? Will your audience relate to your message? You may have a good handle on what is your expertise, but do you know how to properly communicate it to your audience? Have you ever thought about how your audience receives…

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Figuring out who is your ideal audience?

media placement

What is a media placement you’d love to get? A particular TV show, a podcast, a newspaper?  Why are you not pitching them?  What would it take to put yourself out there? Is that where your ideal audience will find you? These are all great questions to ask yourself when thinking about getting media placement…

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