Insider Pitching Tips from my Team of Publicists

media pitching

I have an early summer gift – I asked my team to give you some great insider tips on media pitching. When it comes to media pitching, I always say – it’s an art, not a science, but there are some tried and true tips we live by.  Here are a few! Vicky- A good…

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Pitching the Media Doesn’t have to be Scary – foolproof topics!

You think you have the goods to get yourself, your book, your company, your message out to the world through the media. And you probably do! But you don’t have time to do it yourself or know what topics are going to get the media’s attention, right? That’s where we come in!  Here are some…

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We Asked- You Answered! Masterclass on Best Media Pitch Topics

media pitch topics

Pitch Please!  I’m SO excited to be offering my first Masterclass on something I get asked a lot – What makes good media pitch topics!  We asked what you wanted to know about from the KT Media Team – and the majority of you said you struggle with what makes good pitch topics. When it…

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The “Anti” Trend Pitches that Landed a Client in Major Media

media pitches

Sometimes the best media pitches are those that buck a trend or go against conventional thinking. The media typically LOVES things that go against the grain a bit or is a different way of thinking. These headlines get people’s attention. Think… “What NOT to do.” It’s often better to highlight these than what TO DO. …

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