A Beginners Guide to Pitching to the Media

Are you ready to start pitching to the media? Many are ready for that next step, but few know how to achieve it. That’s why today, I’m sharing a basic beginner’s guide to pitching your brand or business to the media. 


Grab your pads and pens and get ready to take some notes!


How to Start Pitching to the Media and Get Your Brand Noticed


Strong Bio


To successfully pitch to the media, your emails need to have a strong, concise bio. This shouldn’t be a resume, but rather a short introduction that’s well written and could be repurposed into a news segment.


You should also include a one-sentence summary of your expertise, previous media placements, and any credentials. Remember, the goal is to be succinct, but also to stand out.


The last thing you should include in your bio is whatever’s relevant to you right now. This will be different for every business owner, but a few examples are awards, events, or launches in your business.




When pitching to the media, it’s also important to personalize your emails. Don’t merely copy and paste the same email over and over again. Instead, do a little research on each reporter and see if you can find a common connection. Then, tailor each email to their specific interests.


Your attention to detail will pique their interest more than a tired, repetitive pitch.




When you’re just starting out, it’s crucial to follow up with your leads. This can make or break relationships with some reporters, so set a reminder or write it down in your calendar each time you get a response. Keep notes on the conversation so you can also make the follow-up personalized.


Those are just a few of my favorite tips when it comes to pitching to the media. If you’re new and haven’t heard back from anyone yet, don’t feel discouraged. Instead, start implementing my strategies. If that doesn’t work, call me and we’ll develop a better plan that suits your needs.


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