Are Podcasts Media?

The short answer is yes, podcasts are media. They may not be the traditional media you are used to such as radio, television, or magazines, but they can be a great way to gain visibility with your exact audience. Like all media, podcasts come in tiers. Just about anyone can become a podcaster these days. Some podcasts have a huge reach and some are more niche. Some accept guests and some don’t. Some only book people who pay to be on their show and some book with no charge. It is important when thinking about podcasts as media, to define your parameters. What type of podcast do you want to be on and what audience reach are you willing to speak to?  

Being a guest on a podcast is a helpful way to build your brand and network. Many podcasts already have a dedicated following or listener base. Finding opportunities to speak to an audience who is already interested in the topics you are involved with serves you as a guest by giving you a ready made audience, the host by providing new and intriguing content for their show, and the listeners by giving them content that is valuable or interesting to them. 


Research Your Audience

If you already have a dedicated following of your own, you can do your own form of market research. What are your followers interested in? What shows are they listening to? Who are their favorite podcasters and influencers? You can ask these questions in polls, or ask for recommendations. “I would like to add five more podcasts to my library, who has some great suggestions for me?” Engaging your followers and asking for their advice and input makes them feel connected to you in an authentic and mutually beneficial way. 


Find shows in your industry

Search social media, podcast databases, and podcast hosting platforms for shows in genres that would apply to your message. Research whether or not they accept guests. Listen to their content and connect on social media. If you can envision yourself on the show, reach out with a well crafted pitch. You can also gauge a podcast’s audience by looking on their social media pages to evaluate how engaged their audience is. They do not need a million comments on each post; however, seeing consistent activity and engagement on their accounts is a good sign that they have regular listeners who are invested in the show and content.


Leverage a PR agency

Evaluating podcasts, finding the right fit, crafting a pitch, and booking guest interviews is time-consuming. It takes a lot of thought, patience, and experience. If you want to land spots on podcasts and would like some help finding the right podcasts for you, consider utilizing a PR agency. An agency has access to contacts that will help you book spots on popular podcasts that have dedicated followers who are ready to hear what you have to say.

I’m sure you have more questions, so ask away! I’m here to help get you on your dream podcasts!