Being Heard About Black History

I have always loved what our client, top Workplace Leadership and DEI expert Kim Crowder has said about Black History… it’s not just Black History, it’s American History! That really hit home with me. 


In a recent Triple Pundit article, Kim was quoted in, Brands, Don’t Make These Mistakes During Black History Month (and What To Do Instead), recognizing Black History Month and other nationally recognized holidays like Juneteenth, Kim says, “It is basically commodifying the Black American experience by those who do not share those experiences and who have benefitted from the enslavement of people.”


So to her point, we should be doing things throughout the year, not just the shortest month, to support our Black counterparts. 


Kim suggests:


  • Make sure pay is equitable, whether we are employees, guest speakers, vendors, ERG members, etc. According to the New York Times, In 2020, the typical full-time Black worker earned about 20 percent less than a typical full-time white worker.


  • Review hiring practices, especially the RESULTS of hiring processes and systems. That includes holding recruiters accountable for connecting with Black talent. 


  • Question project assignment and promotions processes. Based on data, Black men and women get promoted to higher levels of leadership at lower rates than their white counterparts.


  • Center our responses to workplace culture assessments to better analyze how the workplace culture and specific leaders impact ensuring Black employees advance and thrive at work.


Black History Month programming is impactful when Black people are supported all year long!


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