Determining Pitch Talking Points

What makes up good talking points for pitching is an art, not a science. But there are some quick guidelines to keep in mind to make sure your pitch will get read!


Map out your message

Think about your main message and start with a brain dump. Write down ideas and concepts that support your main point. Having a clear idea of where you want to go with your pitch or content will help determine what details to discuss. From there filter the ideas to create bullet points that organize your ideas.


Supporting details

When you are trying to determine your talking points, every bullet point you list should very clearly pertain to the main topic. If you are going through ideas and some bullet points seem off topic, make them relevant or leave them out. Attention spans for reading pitches tend to be short, (30 seconds!) remember those receiving them are likely sifting through hundreds a day. Make every word count.


Keep it concise

Each supporting point should not only be related to your main topic; but should also use strong, clear language. This ensures that:


  • More of your pitch and content is read and remembered
  • Your talking points are easy to comprehend
  • Your audience is more likely to be hooked on the concept and want to hear more of what you have to say


You only need 3-5

Once you have selected your details to support your topic, pick 3-5 that really stand out and are dynamic or different. It’s always great to strengthen your points with supporting data, quotes, and compelling information or a quick personal story.


Be prepared for questions 

Now that you have your talking points outlined, and have provided supporting information, it is time to think about any questions, contradictory statements, or requests for more information that the media outlet might come up with. You do not need to cover this in your pitch or content, but you should have enough information on hand to answer potential questions confidently. Being able to support of your talking points establishes credibility and authority. 

If you want extra support putting together strong talking points, contact us!