Do you know your exact expertise?

Do you know how to relay it to your audience?

Will your audience relate to your message?

You may have a good handle on what is your expertise, but do you know how to properly communicate it to your audience? Have you ever thought about how your audience receives your messaging? That’s the hard part! So don’t feel badly if you thought about it and said, I actually don’t know how best to tell my audience! That’s very common and is why we’re here to help with some proven tips.

First, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Why would they care about your message, your book, your program – whatever it is? What makes it special or unique? Do you have a new or different way of thinking about an issue? These are all the most important aspects to highlight to your audience – and the media. 

Second, we map out a clear communications statement. This is a short paragraph that is your North Star for all things PR and communication. It’s the crux of what you do, what you want people to know most. It’s what you can always go back to align with your expertise. 

And third, we pick out some examples or stories to support that statement. Stories are what sells! Because stories are what people remember the most – not stats, not your credentials, not your tag line, not your logo – BUT STORIES! 

So start thinking about your communication statement and some supporting stories. Then join me on May 12th for a Masterclass “What Makes Good Media Pitch Topics.” In this hour you will learn what makes good pitch topics to both get the media’s attention and convey your message to your audience!

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