Figuring out who is your ideal audience?

What is a media placement you’d love to get? A particular TV show, a podcast, a newspaper? 

  • Why are you not pitching them? 
  • What would it take to put yourself out there?
  • Is that where your ideal audience will find you?

These are all great questions to ask yourself when thinking about getting media placement and starting your PR journey. I’m giving you a little insider tip right off the bat 🙂 because those are questions we start with when working with clients. It helps us map out a plan of action to get the person and/or company in front of their exact right audience – which is top of the list for making sure PR works! It ALL starts with – who is your ideal audience, and what media do they consume? 

So how do you figure out who your ideal audience is, you ask? It starts with figuring out who exactly you want to market to. And I mean EXACTLY! The more specific the better! 

For example – let’s say your program was designed for parents… ok, who is more likely to buy your program – probably Moms. That’s a big group of people! Can you drill down a little more and think about what specific pain point your program addresses – Mom’s struggling with the transition going back to work or deciding whether to go back to work. That is much more specific and will help us focus our media efforts to those outlets whose audience is made up of people with that same pain point. 

Ok, I’ve said too much! Just kidding. I love sharing these tips! Which is why you should join me for an amazing Masterclass coming up next month! I’m so excited to be sharing tips and tricks to finding the exact right pitch topics for your audience! 

Join me on May 12th for “What Makes Good Media Topics.” In this hour you will learn what makes good pitch topics to both get the media’s attention and convey your message. We’ll also cover what to stay away from and best practices for pitching good topics.

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