If you’re looking to get in front of your audience by the end of the year, or for the New Year, good news! There is still PLENTY of time to jumpstart your visibility this fall!

This is why I am offering a FREE guide –3 Ways to Have the Most Profitable Black Friday or Holiday Offer EVER!

Have you spent hours creating the perfect holiday offer only to find it lost in the sea of Black Friday promotions?

Frustrated watching competitors’ offers sell out, wondering why yours feels like it’s being left behind?

Curious how your promotions can get in front of more people?

The truth is – visibility is everything! Without the right exposure, even the most thoughtfully planned offers can slip under the radar. All your hard work goes unnoticed! I don’t want this to happen to you this year!

How To Get Noticed:

  • Craft Your Story: Start by creating a compelling narrative. What’s your story? What makes you unique? Why should the media cover you? Craft a message that answers these questions.
  • Build Relationships: Connect with journalists and reporters in your niche. Follow them on social media, engage with their content, and show genuine interest in their work. Building relationships can increase your chances of getting noticed.
  • Offer Value: Journalists are always looking for valuable content. Be a resource by offering expert insights, data, or unique perspectives that can benefit their audience.
  • Pitches: Write and send out well-crafted pitches or press releases when you have something newsworthy to share. Make sure it’s concise, relevant, and provides all the necessary information.

Sounds good, right? But it seems like a lot of work.
Go a step further and really help you map out your visibility plan with step-by-step instructions–

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We even give some inspiration with a real-life example from one of our many clients who leveraged media coverage to boost their visibility successfully.

In a world where standing out is the name of the game, don’t underestimate the power of visibility through media coverage. It’s your golden ticket to reach a wider audience, build trust, and establish yourself as a credible authority in your field.

Keep sharing your stories, insights, and expertise with the world, and who knows where your journey might take you!

And don’t forget to get the free download, “3 Ways to Have the Most Profitable Black Friday or Holiday Offer,” complete it the best you can, and let me know what you get stuck on, I’m here to help!

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