Goals for pitching to the media

When you are planning a pitch to the media, you should have set goals in mind. Your pitch should be of value to your intended journalist, reporter, or editor and their audience. You should also have a goal in mind for how you would like the pitch to further your business or platform.


Backlinking and references

When your pitch gets picked up, it will inevitably end up online. This is an excellent time for the reporter, journalist, or editor to reference your website or place a link to your portfolio. This will help people discover you and your past stories. It leaves a digital trail that speaks to your expertise. This trail will enable people to learn more from you and about you and understand why they should be using you as a credible source for news. You can use links and references to past stories you have done if they are relevant to the current one you are pitching.


Growing your customer base

Growing your audience and customer base is a huge part of getting your pitches and your stories out there. Putting together pitches to grow your customer base should be based around establishing trust in your audience so that they are encouraged to buy/learn from you. Creating consistent content that represents your brand will make your product or service more desirable. Use your pitch and campaign plan to show everyone what you have to offer and increase your leads.


Getting your name out there

When you are creating pitches to start getting your name out there, it is important to show everyone why they should listen to what you have to say. When you are crafting your pitches, be sure that you are backing up your statements with data, quotes, and information that makes your pitch strong, supported, and credentialed. When you are growing your business, it will be essential to establish your authority and credibility so that your name is affiliated with being a trustworthy source for information and news.


Launching new products or services

A great time to pitch to the media is when you are planning a launch. You can use this opportunity to do press releases about your product, upcoming book, or newly offered service. When you plan to use pitches to promote your own launch, include solid content and a strong campaign plan to back up your claims and offerings. As you are pitching, make sure that you highlight the value that the media outlet’s audience will derive from you.


Make it mutually beneficial

When you are planning your pitching goals, make sure that they align with the media outlets you are planning to pitch to. Your pitch should mutually benefit you and the person who is picking it up. Your pitch should represent both your brand as well as the media outlet that would be using your pitch.

Having goals in mind when you are pitching will help your pitches stand out by making them beneficial to both you and the media outlet. If you want to get the most out of your pitches and use them to help you reach your goals, reach out today!