How COVID Has Changed The Media in 2021

After what can only be known as the strangest year in history, as pleased as we are to be here in 2021, I have to admit many of us are suffering from what could only be called a 2020 (crazy year) hangover. 


2020 was an amazing year for KT Media Strategies, which might come as a surprise as we were faced with a pandemic and uncertain times. Business was booming for ourselves and for our clients. We adapted to the new media landscape and with that came amazing opportunities for our clients. 


Brian Wray was able to be on three different broadcasts in one day via ZOOM. Dr Wayne Pernell changed his messaging to focus more on COVID and how it affected our daily lives. Andrea Sager was interviewed by Yahoo Finance about the liability waiver proposed in the safe to work act. Dr. Greenberg was featured on News4 via ZOOM in Nevada about the importance of in-person appointments during the transition of telehealth and so much more! 


2020’s COVID pandemic can be classified as a trend accelerator, forcing consumer behaviors to evolve by five or so years, particularly in areas like media, ecommerce, remote work, and let’s not forget about telemedicine. COVID changed the media in 2020, and it’s impact has carried with us into 2021. 


According to one MAGNA report, “streaming TV grew by 1 billion hours in 2020, and ecommerce jumped 5%.” Quarantine demanded that our lives be lived online, including the media. Which then opened up so many amazing avenues as interviews were done remotely leaving ample opportunity to be featured all around the world from the comfort of your own home. 


As we dive into 2021, many media outlets will remain digital, meaning all interviews via ZOOM and less in-person. It also means that there are more opportunities out there because of this new and evolved digital world. Consumers are shifting from traditional corporate media to find their information from sources that most align with their values, politics, and religious beliefs. 


With most people staying at home, listening habits and media consumption have vastly changed. A good number of influencers and brands have shifted to using podcasts to discuss timely subjects that are related to the current global pandemic. In fact, according to a recent report by Spotify, 21 percent of their users are now utilizing the platform to listen to podcasts. And let’s not forget about print magazines moving to digital to be more easily accessible to their readers. 


In times like these, brands should look for opportunities to organically connect with their audience online using relevant and valuable content and offers to help them through these trying times. So, as we dive into the new year filled with new opportunities, let’s not lose the momentum that we worked so hard to build in 2020.


How are you adapting to the new media landscape in 2021? Are you finding it easier or more difficult to find media opportunities? 


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