How do I break through the noise when pitching the media?

Attention spans are short, competition is fierce, and the noise can be deafening. How do you breakthrough and captivate? At the risk of sounding like a broken record… You have to make your pitches unique!

Let’s break it down. 


Tell a compelling story

Pitch a story and make it worth listening to! Pathos is key. What is Pathos? Your ability to sway people with emotion. People relate to emotional content. When telling a story, tell it with the concept of “who cares and why?” 


Get personal

Do your research then relate it in a way that makes it personal. Avoid mass pitching; think quality over quantity when choosing to whom you pitch. Personalize each pitch you send as if you are writing with a specific friend in mind. What does this person need to hear?

Use elevated language

A-Write a good pitch. 

B-Write a pitch that is interesting. 


C-Compose an enticing introduction that will leave the recipient craving more. 

See what I did there? 

Using language that goes beyond industry jargon and is both eloquent yet digestible helps connect your audience to your pitch and frame you as a person of intellect. Avoid using sentence softeners. The audience does not need to know what can happen or what should be done. State facts firmly and with confidence. Tie in data that substantiates what you are presenting. 


Be engaging

Getting eyes on your pitch is the first step. Now you need to keep them there. Present information in a way that keeps them wanting to hear more. 

End with a call-to-action to contact you for more and ALWAYS follow up!


Build relationships

When you find a reliable contact, continue to build that relationship. Treat these like any other relationship and cultivate them sincerely and authentically. Be considerate of deadlines, and if a story does not seem like a good fit, do not waste their time. 


Share your expertise

You are the significance behind the content you present! Today, new information is available almost instantly. To cut through the noise, share YOUR expertise and show your consumers that you know what you are talking about—positioning yourself as the expert establishes your authority and builds trust with sources and your audience.

If you struggle with delivering pitches that connect with your target audience, book a call!