How do I Find a News Peg?

A news peg is the angle or aspect of a story that makes it relevant, timely, and newsworthy. Without utilizing a news peg, your story is just… a story. In order for it to be news, you need to tie it into current events and topics of discussion.


Media outlets need stories and experts

The media constantly needs content! Position yourself not only as a storyteller, but a NEWSWORTHY storyteller and content creator. Focus on current events, upcoming holidays, pop culture, recent polls or stats or relatable concepts. See if you can tie your story into the following:

  • An upcoming holiday or event
  • A local spin on a national story
  • A trend that you foresee
  • A topic that is already getting a lot of news attention that you have new information or a new angle on
  • Current events
  • Public opinion 

News pegs make your story relevant and marketable. They should be short and straightforward and be positioned towards the beginning of your pitch to hook viewers and potential outlets.


Mark your calendar

Think ahead. Be sure that you have any major holidays, events, or local releases that are coming up on your calendar so you can plan your pitches accordingly and have them ready to send out when the time is right! Events can include:

  • Holidays
  • Local elections
  • Local events
  • National events and elections
  • National “this & that” days that are relevant to the media’s audience

Knowing what is coming up can help you plan pitches and create content and coverage on topics that are up-and-coming, helping you stay ahead of the curve.


Keep an eye on trends

Knowing how to find relevant news pegs involves keeping an eye on the news, current data, and upcoming trends that you or others foresee. Here are some things you can be on the lookout for:

  • Is there a new social media trend on the rise? 
  • Are prices of essentials rising? 
  • What new things are people interested in?
  • What are people planning for the upcoming holiday season?
  • What is everyone talking about on social media or among friends or professional groups?
  • What is the public opinion or mindset on a current event?

Trends are a great way to get people interested in what you are talking about and help get your story seen and read! Viral content is a huge part of media coverage these days; using viral trends found online and on social media helps guide you to ideas that are trending or making waves in the online space.


Use the right language

When you find a solid news peg, the language you are using needs to be in line with what the media outlet’s audience will be drawn to. Use strong language that tells everyone exactly what they are going to get from listening to what you have to say. Think about catchy soundbites that can be easily captured and repeatable while effectively capturing the main idea of your message.


Make it new

Finding a news peg that is unique is critical to having your pitch be read. Referencing stories that have already been covered is fine, but it needs to be done in a way that highlights a different POV? Showcase what makes your story unique and ask yourself, why is this news?

If you want to get better at finding news pegs to make your stories stand out, book a call today!