How media placements can increase your thought leadership

Thought leadership is more than just a buzzword, it is an in depth process that involves becoming a go-to source for information in your industry. Once you have established your content, you can leverage the power of media placements to increase your status as a thought leader.


Building your network

Utilizing media placements will help build and diversify your audience and network. This can include media contacts, industry leaders, and audiences that were not previously consuming your content. Using media placements will help get your high quality content in front of more people, which means you will have more influence to help you gain traction as a thought leader and increase your contact list.

Engaging with new people


Having media placements across different platforms introduces you to a variety of new audiences who will see and engage with your content, many of whom may have never heard of you before. This presents you with opportunities to increase your following and reach.

Being featured in the media involves campaign plans, content creation, and you: new people and new opportunities to get your innovative ideas out there for the world to see!


Utilizing new forms of media

If you are a thought leader, you have plenty of places that you show up and platforms that you utilize to connect with your audience. But, chances are you cannot be everywhere doing everything. At least not all at once. Why not let media outlets do some of the work for you? 

By working with various media agencies and outlets you will have the chance to utilize new forms of media that will forever immortalize your message. This includes articles, podcasts, news features, and interviews. Using this along with the content that you are already creating allows you to show up in more places without having to do more work! Discuss topics you already know and use your expertise in your industry to show up for your audience as the leader you are, in more places and more ways than ever before.


Building credibility and authority

We all know that when someone is featured in the news, a podcast, or lands a big interview, people are more likely to listen to what they have to say. The news wanted to talk to them, so what they have to say is important! 

Being featured in news stories, supported by media outlets, and utilizing media coverage will give you social proof that you are an expert who should be listened to. Having social proof of your work being valuable will increase your credibility and help you build more authority in your industry while increasing your thought leadership!