How To Gain Clarity Around Your Media Message

To successfully get media exposure, you have to first get very clear on your media message.


Sure, the act of pitching is important, but voicing your opinion and giving actionable items that make it clear as to what you can provide to those you are pitching to is an even more important challenge.


I’ll be honest, there have been times when I’ve thought I had the perfect pitch to the perfect outlets and have come away wondering why it wasn’t working. Why wasn’t I making an impact with these media outlets enough for them to even respond back to me?


Turns out, it was because I spoke at a level of ambiguity. I didn’t gain that clarity in my messaging because I didn’t really know what I was trying to say. My message wasn’t clear enough to provide that sort of influence that they want to give to their audience. So, why would they bother with me?

The result? I never heard back. Finding media that would feature my client was non-existent. It just didn’t work.


And then we gained clarity in the messaging and all of that began to change. 


So what can you do to clarify your message when pitching to the media? How can you speak with clarity to influence others? 


1) Clarify To Whom You Are Speaking To


If you don’t know your audience, you can’t speak to their specific needs. A producer or editor will see your pitch come through their inbox and it will be immediately discarded, sent to trash if it doesn’t pertain to their audience. 


Do your research. Research whom you are pitching to and the topics they are featuring right now. 9 times out of 10 times, they want to feature someone who is talking about current events or something that is a hot topic at the moment. So you might have to pivot your messaging just a bit in order to be relevant. Which is something you wouldn’t know if you didn’t do your research.


2) Clarify the Precise Message You Want Everyone to Hear


Clarity sounds simple, but many of us struggle to speak with simplicity. Too many words and your message will get lost in the noise. Make your messaging in your pitch as simple and precise as possible.


What can you say that will motivate them to pay attention to you? What is the core message you’re trying to tell them? What topic are you pitching that is relevant to something they are looking for? 


Can what they read in your pitch be articulated into 1-2 sentences? Was this message something you repeated two, three, or four times? If so, what was it?!  


It is vital to clarify your message!


Take a minute (or a few minutes) to ask yourself the following question and then use the prompts to help you gain even more clarity.


What primary message do you want your audience to take away?


Clarify your message in your mind. Clarify your message on paper.


Clarify your message to an extreme, and then relate everything else to that main focus in your message.


3) Clarify the Action You Want People to Take


Your pitch and your message will go nowhere if you don’t give the audience clear, actionable steps that they can take as to what to do next after reading it.


Should they reply back to you? Should they click on a link to your portfolio or past work?


Give call-to-actions. (CTA’s)



Don’t be one of those people who sits back and watches others get in the media wondering how you can do the same.


Give me 90- minutes, and we can come up with a lot of the answers and clarity you’ve been looking for. It’s not rocket science, but it does take individualized attention and that’s what I can give you. We uncover your specific “Why” and “Who” and set you down a clear path toward reaching that level of clarity you need in your messaging.


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