How to Identify a Target Audience for Your Book Launch Campaign

So, you want to write a book, publish it, and start a book launch campaign? Great! I can totally help you with that! Before we get started, though, let’s talk about a crucial first step most clients miss: a defined target audience.


Defining Your Target Audience


The first step in planning your best seller is defining a target audience. Before you even begin writing, you should do this because it will ensure you have readers who actually want to buy your product. Plus, it’ll help create a better marketing strategy when you’re ready to start a book launch campaign.


If you’re not sure who your ideal reader is, then sit down with a piece of paper and answer these brainstorming prompts:


How old is my reader?


What genre do they like?


What other books are they reading?


What authors do they like?


What authors do they not like?


Are they mostly male or female?


Where do they live?


What social media platforms do they use?


Do they consume other types of media, and if so, what?


What type of jobs do they work?


Do they have enough disposable income to purchase books?


Do they prefer digital or physical copies?


What problems do they face?


How can my writing entertain them?


How can my writing inform them?


How can my writing provide value?


By answering these questions, it will help you better define your target audience so you know exactly how to write to them, and thus, make your future marketing efforts easier. 


If you create a product you know your readers will love because you asked the right questions and did your research, you will see a better return-on-investment by showing it to the right people at the right time in the right place.


Ready to get started? While the writing portion is a lengthy process, it’s never too early to start planning a book launch campaign. I’d love to help you market your best seller! 


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