How to leverage PR and media placements

You’ve gotten media coverage or an exciting engagement with someone – now what?

What do you do with media coverage links once you have it?

I get asked these questions a lot! Hopefully you’re excited as heck to share it – so that’s what you should do!

The whole point of publicity and media coverage is to gain visibility and credibility. The first place you need to concentrate on is – where you can grow your audience and engagement the fastest – your website, your newsletter, LinkedIn, or your social media. As they say, post early and often! 

Next, what do you say? The follow up question I get is – how do I post this great article or appearance without sounding boastful? 

It’s simple really! When posting your media coverage it’s important to make it an engaging conversation, not just post that you were in the media. Ask a question that is addressed in the article or appearance that gets people to click or watch. The placement should address a pain point of your ideal audience, as I’ve mentioned previously, so you can say – here’s how I explain how I solve xyz for you. Tell your audience what the content is about – and relate it to them. This will also make it easier to post and not seem like you’re bragging!

If your topic is right for your audience, which it should be, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a way to engage them.

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