How to pitch for the holidays

Just like retail, the media starts early when it comes to holiday preparation. The holidays are a busy time for many media outlets and they want to have their holiday content selected and ready to get ahead of the season.



If you want to get a pitch picked up for this holiday season, start checking deadlines now. Many written publications such as popular syndicated newspaper columns and magazines are known as long-lead media. They have deadlines 3-6 months ahead of time. Online publications and broadcast media or more short-lead media may need a few weeks to two months lead time as well.

If you are pitching for a show segment, podcast, or interview, start sending your pitches now! The holiday season is competitive. Getting pitches in early ensures that they do not get lost in the influx of submissions.


Innovation vs. tradition 

One challenge that many face during holiday pitching is having a unique story that is still ‘in season.’ Research stories in your niche from the past few years to see what they covered and then take a look at recent trends, new holiday ideas, and upcoming events to help fill a gap for your audience.

The key is to continue with classic holiday feels, without repeating the same stories that have been covered over the past several years. Do not be afraid to get specific. During the holiday season everyone is looking for a decor guide, gift concept, new recipes, or ideas that are insightful and unique; getting specific on your topic will help your story stand out. 


Gift guides

Gift guides are incredibly popular during the holiday season and make up a large amount of holiday content. If you have a gift guide that you would like to pitch, be sure that it fits the audience you are trying to attract. Also keep in mind:

  • Match the aesthetic of the products to the branding of the outlet you are pitching to
  • Make the guide specific ex: “Gadgets for the techy husband,” “What to get the businesswoman who has everything,” “Shopping for the hard-to-shop-for”
  • Pitch your most ‘giftable’ items or items that are unique in some way
  • Include a range of price points

Research previously published gift guides so that you know what products and services worked in the past. Researching current trends and finding out what items will be ‘hot’ this holiday season will also put you ahead of the curve.


Make it personal

Because reporters and editor’s inboxes are already starting to get flooded with holiday-themed pitches, make sure you are taking the time to personalize each pitch and tell them why they should care. Think of something you haven’t seen pitched before and put a unique spin on it. 

If you want to land your holiday pitches, contact us so we can help you get the perfect pitch ready to send!