How To Write The Right Book For Your Business

Writing the right book for your business should be easy, they say, but what if it turns out to be the wrong one?


How would you know the difference?


Imagine feeling like you just made, “The BEST decision of your life.” vs feeling like you, “Wasted a significant amount of your TIME, energy, resources and CREDIBILITY on a book that nobody buys, or reads, or cares about.”


Scary isn’t it?


Becoming an author is supposed to be the most powerful thing you can do for your business, your brand and your legacy!


When you write the right book, you gain instant authority, credibility, and trust. You build “desire” for YOU, and your PRODUCTS and your SERVICES.


When you write the wrong book, however, you WASTE your time, and energy, and ultimately you sabotage the success that a book can create for you, and the impact it can have on others.


Done correctly, becoming a published author builds your personal brand, it creates powerful lead-generation ‘magnets’ that you can use in your marketing, it helps you attract the action of the media, it can give you FREE publicity, it can promote your cause or mission, or philosophy.


In this blog post, you’ll discover exactly what you need to know about how to write a book that will advance your career, your business, or your cause.


You’ll discover how to turn YOUR BOOK into your most powerful marketing tool, yet.


Let’s get started.


  1. Get Help


Most people make the mistake of going at it alone.If you look at the acknowledgments of any book, from any successful author, you’ll see they thank and credit an army of people who helped them get their book done. Successful authors don’t work alone.


  1. Start with strategy.


If you’re reading this, put down the pencil. Everyone thinks the way to start your book is to begin writing it…WRONG!


Think about it. If you were building a dream house, would you go to a home improvement warehouse, buy some wood, go home and start nailing it together in your backyard? Nothing you build in your backyard is going to be your dream house.


Most people try to follow this path to get published:


  • Write it first. (Make it perfect.)


  • Then, market it.


  • Then, they hope they make some money with it.


  • And then, fingers crossed, it helps them fulfill their mission.


This is part of why many authors fail and sell very few books in their lifetime. Instead, flip it.


Here’s the path you’ll follow to write the right book:


  • Mission — Get crystal clear about the results you want before you start. 


  • Money — Make sure you have a profitable path to monetize your message.


  • Market — Promote your book; talk about it; create desire and demand for you, your message and your products and services.  


And then, once you’ve found your voice, improved your message and proven that people want to invest time and money with you, then it’s time to make your book.


  1. Make your book.


Notice I said make your book and not write your book? I don’t suggest you write your book in the traditional sense. Instead, you can speak it, or have people help you write your book. You don’t have to do it alone.


Success tip: Writing your book is the last step. This is a mistake that many aspiring authors fall into. They spend months or years trying to stuff stories and ideas into their masterpiece. And that’s why most people never get their book done. Or it takes them years of fiddling with it before they think it’s good enough to release to the world. 


And then the response they typically get is… crickets.


Here’s a short, three-phase process for you:


  • Phase 1: Plan. Reverse-engineer your success.


  • Phase 2: Promote and profit. Create a profitable path to monetize your message/mission.


  • Phase 3: Publish what’s proven. Test, don’t guess. Put your book together once you’ve proven your message in the marketplace.




You can use a book for fame, fortune, or fulfillment …it is TRULY the most proven, most powerful activity you can do for your business!


QUICK TIP: When you’re wanting to write a book, the smartest thing you can do is to start with a mentor. The right mentor could save you thousands of hours and help you create desire and demand for you, your products and your services before you write your book.


With the right help, your book will be awesome, and it will get done fast because you’re not working on it alone. Are you ready?


Let’s talk it out! Book a free call with me and we’ll devise a strategy to get you writing the right book for your business in no time. Click here