*This is the first video in a Thankful series Katie is doing, highlighting clients, publicists, and those who helped to make KT Media Strategies what it is today.

For the month of November, I want to share with everyone some of the amazing people and things that I am grateful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the holidays.

I wanted to first say that I am very grateful for the journey that I’ve been able to take, that led me to start KT Media Strategies. I was a TV news producer for the first 15 years of my career. I met an amazing group of people that are still in my life and that I try to support and they support me. I never thought that I would be where I am today! It is a part of life and the part of the journey is figuring out how to take things as they come. Then, I was pulled into the world of PR and I am just beyond grateful for that change.

I have never been happier and more fulfilled. We have been able to get so many amazing people’s messages out to the world. I credit my background in TV production which gave me the skills I needed to be able to accomplish this. I worked every shift you can imagine, every type of job you can imagine. In television news, I was the person booking the political bigwigs for CBS News here in Washington. I was called to tornadoes and tragedies across the country. I was able to work for an energy and environmental show where I really got to know how things work in the energy business and how we need to really live more sustainably. I’m just so grateful that I had that opportunity and am able to use that knowledge to really have an impact for our clients. We get them the media coverage and get their message out to the masses through the media, and that journey has really been amazing. Over the next two months, you are going to be hearing from many of the people who have helped me on my journey! 

One of my very dearest friends, Ashley Bernardi, who runs Nardi Media, is going to be with me next week. We are going to talk about how she went into PR and then pulled me into it because she knew that we were both going to be successful helping people, using our background. We also have big hearts and we really do care and I think that comes across in our businesses.

Another person who is near and dear to me is my business coach Rita Goodroe. If you have not followed Rita, find her on Clubhouse where gives out gold every morning. It is a little too early for me with little kids, but I know that everything she talks about is impactful. She has guided me over the past couple of years, I would not be where I am today without her. She’s been a champion and such a wonderful friend through this whole process. 

Amanda McVicker, my amazing online business manager, has really helped me transform what used to be a by-the-whim type of business, into a business that has systems and processes; it has streamlined everything. She’s been amazing. 

I am also going to talk with one of my amazing clients, Stephanie Moram, who is spreading the message on how to live more sustainably and more green while making it manageable. Stephanie is just an overall amazing person and I am so grateful to be able to help spread her message to the whole country. She has had media appearances on TV in all the top markets across the country from California, Texas, Portland, Florida, all up and down the east coast, New York, DC, you name it she has been it. Sharing with people how they can live more sustainably in a manageable way.

I wanted to give you a look into my business and my background, and hopefully, you will follow me through the next couple of months, as we talk to some really amazing people, all of which I am really grateful for. We will see you soon!