Channeling Your Media Mindset

If you are creating content using a media mindset, all of your content will be based off of an engaging narrative. This means a narrative that is relatable, relevant to today and captivating to the readers.


In channeling your media mindset, you first have to determine why your offer will impact others. Ask yourself how can I use my story to create engaging content that will captivate readers


Using storytelling in the way you create content will not only keep an audience more engaged, but is also more likely to be picked up by traditional media. Journalists can scope out a great story from a mile away. If your content has the base of an engaging narrative, you’re more likely to gain interest from publishers because you’re sharing a story that is relatable to their audience.


Sharing your story isn’t the only thing that comes with having a media mindset. 


If you have worked in media for an extended period of time, you know the strict deadlines that have to be met in an editorial calendar. Traditional media understands the importance of consistency and being available when your audience expects you.


This compares to a weekly newspaper that would never miss a week. Your content needs to be consistent if you want to effectively operate under a media mindset.


Once your content is ready, what filtering must it go through for quality before it can be published? Each blog post or article should go through at least one content edit and a copy edit before publishing. This kind of meticulous detailed attention copies the standards that are held in traditional media.


If grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your content make you panic, you know your content is being published using this media mindset. If you are publishing your first draft minutes after you hit save, you likely need to go back to the drawing board. 


A huge mistake under a media mindset is curating content that meets the needs of your business over the needs of your audience. It is all too common to come across brands that want to publish what THEY want to have heard, instead of what their audience is wanting to hear.


It really isn’t about you; it’s about your readers, and if they don’t derive value from your content, it can be rendered useless.


If you are audience-centric, you take on an in depth amount of research in the beginning stages of content creation. If you are publishing content under a media mindset, then you understand how important research is and what separates the diamonds from the rocks. This in turn, helps you become a valuable resource to your audience, and an indispensable piece to your brand.


In conclusion, channeling your media mindset means attention to detail, timeliness, and creating content that is appealing to your audience. If you can master this, you’ll be landing spots in the media in no time.


Are you ready to start pitching?


Promoting your story to the media is one of the hardest tasks you will have to do when trying to gain publicity.


But it really is the best way to get your story out there – other than posting it on your blog and your website.


So, where should you begin when pitching the media?


The media is constantly looking for interesting stories to feature in their magazines (both in print and online), newspapers and even video channels.


Start by compiling a list of magazines, newspapers and channels you would like your story to appear in. These channels should be where your primary target audience pays attention.


Once you have identified the list of media outlets to pitch to, it’s time to craft a pitch. And if you are in the beginning stages of writing a pitch and have hit writer’s block OR if you’ve crafted a pitch but don’t know if it’s good enough then I encourage you to hop on a call with me.


I can help you gain clarity on the best ways to get noticed by the media and we’ll create an action plan to help you pitch targeted media outlets. PLUS you’ll walk away with your own customized pitch template. And if you want more taken off your plate, I’ll even pitch to the media on your behalf!


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