Insider Pitching Tips from my Team of Publicists

I have an early summer gift – I asked my team to give you some great insider tips on media pitching.

When it comes to media pitching, I always say – it’s an art, not a science, but there are some tried and true tips we live by. 

Here are a few!


A good pitch topic is going to marry your unique expertise with a hot topic that is trending in the headlines. Once you’ve picked your topic, and you know what you specifically want to add to the conversation, play with the headline to make it as concise and catchy as possible. You only get a few seconds to catch the attention of the media. 

Jillian – 

Think of a pitch headline the same way you think of a book title. Capture the reader’s attention and make them want to hear more! Use language that is relatable and intriguing, but not overly abstract. You want people to know exactly what they are getting, no one wants to be tricked into reading something off topic by a misleading subject line. 

Ellen – 

Make it less of a pitch subject and more of a matter of fact.

Keep pitches short. A few tasty paragraphs (2-3) and maybe a few bullets (again, 2-3). Something that can be read and absorbed in a glance. No one reads (time, patience, etc.) in a newsroom anymore.

Cassidy – 

I think the subject line should be clearly stated, don’t bury the lede. You can also change the subject depending on who you are pitching. If it’s a pitch that could go both money saving and eco friendly, I would lead with one over the other for an eco friendly outlet vs. an outlet for lifestyle.

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