Let’s Get Visible!

Let’s Get Visible! Visible 🎵🎶

Are you singing the “Let’s Get Physical” Oliva Newton-John (RIP!) song now like I am? It’s so good! Definitely dating myself here! Haha

But our version is visible! How are you going to get to the next level with what you’re trying to put out there? Your podcast, your book, your thought leadership, your product, your business?


By being visible to your audience! Out of sight, out of mind, right? We’ll let’s keep YOU top of mind this year with more visibility!

First place to start… is by asking yourself, how do people find out about me, my business, my message or whatever I’m trying to put out there? 

Where do I want them to go to find out more? 

How can I direct them to xyz.?


Whether it’s your website, a particular social media channel or youtube… now is the time to get very clear on how and where you want people to learn more about you? Once you know that, ALL roads should lead there! No matter what you are doing or talking about, make sure you are mentioning where to find out more about you. Always include it! IN EVERYTHING! 


Also, make it easy for people to find you! And have something interesting or valuable right off the bat once people get there! The more you know about your audience, the more you can cater your content to them, so that is really important also! 


So let me know, how are people going to find you?


And of course, if you have any questions about any of this – book a FREE call with me to go over it or any PR/ media topic! I’m here to help fill in the gaps! 




My Lunch and Learn series will continue! The next one will be coming up soon with a fresh new topic! 


In the meantime, if there’s anything, you’d like to learn more about ~ let me know! I want to plan content around what you want to know!