Making Life Easier! Can ChatGPT really do that?

We all want that one thing that will help make our lives easier, right?


A nanny

A housecleaner

An assistant

A content manager

A business coach

A publicist 😁


But we may be afraid to ask for it and also pay for it! Even though we know we need to, it helps us free up time to focus where we need. 


This has been coming up for me a lot lately – as I don’t have a regular nanny right now to help with our 3 boys! So I bet it’s coming up for you as well! 


What if I told you AI, specifically ChatGPT, isn’t all just hype – it can actually help you with ideas and content creation! I’ve been diving into it to help with everything from meal planning and grocery lists to pitch topics! It’s scary and exciting all at the same time! 


Which is why I’m going to be doing my next Lunch & Learn on the good, the bad, and the ugly with AI and PR. 


I’ll be doing a quick demo and then an AMA – Ask Me Anything.


I’m no expert by any means, but I’m a curious person with journalism at heart – so I’ve been doing the learning for you! 


REGISTER HERE to find out how ChatGPT, which is just the first of several AI platforms that will be coming out this year, can help you go from stuck or blocked on writing content or coming up with ideas to pitch the media – to having as much content as you’d like to work with. 


Exploring AI and PR Lunch & Learn – March 2, @ 12:30 pm ET


Bring lunch and join me!




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