Media Goals – Why You Need Them & How To Reach Them

What goals on your list have been left unchecked so far this year that you wanted to accomplish in order to gain media coverage and publicity?


July is the perfect time of year to check in and reflect on the publicity goals you first made in January. Here we are in the middle of the year, and maybe you’ve accomplished so much, or maybe there is still a lot to be done. 


So take a step back and look at not only what you’ve accomplished so far, but in what areas you can improve.


Did those goals revolve around gaining visibility and increasing your followers?


What about being guests on podcasts or webinars?


What steps (even small) can you take to push yourself towards checking those goals off your list?


Whether it’s being seen as a thought leader in your space, or getting more visibility with the right audience — publicity can help get you the boost for your business you need in order to get you the credibility you deserve.


If you didn’t set any media goals, or didn’t accomplish them, is it because those goals were too far out of reach or maybe they seemed a bit fuzzy? 


When you first begin thinking about a publicity plan, you have to first identify your overall “why” and personal goals.


For instance, if your goal is to create brand recall in the marketplace, then publicity via customer success stories would be the appropriate tactic to implement.


Or if ranking higher in search engines and thereby getting more traffic is the goal, then content marketing, guest articles, press releases and social media publicity campaigns will enable that result.


Let’s take a look at a few media goals you can use for inspiration:


  1. Increase brand awareness – Brand awareness is typically the most common goal why people look to media coverage. It’s the best way to grab the ideal client’s attention.
  2. Drive traffic to your website – We all want to be one of the first links to show up in a Google search. Publicity will help get you there by increasing your traffic.
  3. Generate new leads – This is essential to your sales funnel. By appearing in the media or getting people to visit your website, you can start guiding people down your funnel so you can make more sales and gain more clients.
  4. Grow revenue – This is an obvious one! If you get the media to help you generate more leads, receive more exposure, and drive traffic to your website – it usually means you will be growing your revenue in no time.
  5. Boost brand engagement – It’s been proven that appearing in the media improves brand perception, loyalty and word of mouth recommendations. 


The main objective of publicity is not only sales promotion, but the creation of an image through editorial or ‘independent source’ commentary. 


So as you are reflecting on your media goals, no matter what, don’t give up! Be the person reporters, producers, and editors want to turn to when they need a good source. And believe in yourself!


Ready to take the plunge and dive deep into getting clear on your goals and strategy for getting featured in the media? 


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