Media placement and social media – a match made in heaven

Social media numbers- do they matter? 


This is another question I get asked a lot. The short answer is Yes! A lot! Social media matters, whether we like it or not. Here’s why.


If a TV producer gets similar pitches on similar topics from two different people with similar expertise and background – one has a fairly large social following, and one doesn’t, who do you think they are going to book to be on their TV show? Ding Ding Ding – the person with the larger social following. It’s that simple. 


Good social media engagement on at least one platform, not really including LinkedIn (which I’ll explain later), means your pitch goes into a different pile, so to speak, than people who don’t. The media also wants to see that you have a platform to help promote the outlet. There is a lot of competition when it comes to consuming media these days, and outlets need help getting their viewership/ readership numbers up as well. The more clicks, views, etc,. they can show, the more they can charge for advertising. 


Social media following also helps you prove to the media that people pay attention to your message, so it must be worth checking out. 


I have a client who just got into the TikTok game this past August. She decided one day to just do it and go all-in on the platform. She has quickly grown, not just her followers, but her engagement. She’s getting thousands of comments on her posts and hundreds more DMs from people thanking her for her content. She gained more than 8,000 followers just last week. We are using this engagement to show the media she has a message that is resonating, which has helped get her bookings and also sell her book more as of late. 


This also gives her a great platform to share her media placements – amplifying them and her credibility. 


So the next question is – how many followers do I need? 


There is no magic number to hit. As long as you pick one platform and engage, your followers, likes, comments will grow. And that’s something you can start today! The more, the better.