Media trends for 2022

Katie (00:02):

Hi everyone. Katie Riess here with KT Media Strategies. I wanted to hop on this week and as we head into the holidays and we’re looking toward the new year, I wanted to talk about some trends that we’re seeing in the media for 2022. One of the things that I get asked a lot and I wanted to start off with is, are we going to see in-person studio interviews returning in 2022? And I really don’t see that happening from the producer friends that I’ve been talking to and other people in the industry, it is pretty much going to stay virtual for right now, which is actually a good thing for a lot of people who aren’t able to travel to be in multiple cities in the same day. It’s been a really positive thing. That’s come out of the pandemic for people is their media exposure can be much wider because they can do it right from their home.

Katie (00:51):

So I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I know a lot of people talk about needing that in-person connection to really do a good interview, but we’re really working hard with everybody to do great interviews virtually. So I do see that staying in terms of other trends, things have really been going digital. So we’ve been trying to change our approach in how we’re putting people out there and putting them more in digital channels because things are really, really going digital, especially for 2022. That’s what we’re seeing. A lot of people don’t even have regular cable anymore. They’re just watching their news online and clicking online and sharing things online. So digital is definitely the way to go for 2022, not to say that traditional media is dead because it is not. And it still gives you that credibility piece that is coming from earned media.

Katie (01:48):

And that’s the next thing I wanna talk about is earned media. We’re also seeing a trend of a lot of pay-for-play PR popping up. And that is where somebody approaches you and says that they will get you. You don’t have to pay them until they get you a placement or so many placements. I think it’s not a really good practice and I caution people and really look into those people before you engage with them. I had a client get offered from somebody recently and we looked into it and it really wasn’t going to be a great offer. So we definitely help vet those people, but that is definitely the trend that used to be the way that things were done. And then it moved all towards earned media and not paying for a particular placement.

Katie (02:41):

And now the trend is moving back in that direction. I really caution people to take a good look at those. They are not put in the same category as earned media. So even if PR people are approaching you and saying, it looks like it’s going to be earned media, it typically isn’t, it typically is a segment that that company pays for you to be in. It’s put on as advertising, even if it’s on CNBC or Bloomberg or the Today Show website or something like that, it will say sponsored. And that is definitely not the same as getting earned media. So earned media is definitely the way to go. When you’re talking about wanting that credibility for your stream of clients that you want coming in to get their attention to really wow them, that’s, what’s going to do it is earned media.

Katie (03:33):

And then I also wanted to just touch upon some of the topics and trends that we’re seeing the media cover. There is definitely a crowded landscape of people who have come out with books during the pandemic and people who have started their own businesses. And now they want media to be able to promote it and are offering products. You know, you name it it’s become a much-crowded field, much more crowded. We have never seen this level before of trying to buy for that one spot, that one article spot that one TV spot, you know, there are hundreds and hundreds of people out there that are trying to buy for that spot. So we are definitely having to be more creative and having to spend our time picking out the nuances that we can really project for people. And it’s not to say that you can’t get that one spot.

Katie (04:27):

We have definitely been successful in doing that. We just need to be a little bit more creative in what we’re doing. And lifestyle is definitely the way that trends are going in terms of a story, not just about one topic, it’s also about the lifestyle. It’s also about people’s life in general and holistically how we are approaching things. So that’s a little tidbit from me about how trends are going in 2022. We will see how it all shakes out. But if you have any questions that you want to email it’s, and I will try to answer any questions that I have coming, and you all have a great holiday.