My gift to you! Replay of the Lunch & Learn: Exploring AI & PR

If you didn’t register for my Lunch & Learn exploring ChatGPT – not to worry! My gift to you – I’m making the replay available to EVERYONE!

Simply, register HERE and you’ll get it sent to you.

It’s not that long, so it won’t take up that much time, and I bet you’ll learn something!
We discussed a bunch of ways people can be using it, and they were very surprised!

In fact, here’s what some people had to say:

“I didn’t realize it was for more than writing copy. I can try to use it to do market research on women who wear blazers.”

“I’m going to try and use ChatGPT to help write my customer thank you letters.”

“Oh wow, I didn’t realize it could write my grocery list too. That’s amazing!”

ChatGPT can help us grow in new ways, so get all the details.

I would love to know what you think after watching it. Let me know what came up as surprising for you.

Reply to this email and also tell me how you can use ChatGPT in the next 24-48 hours in your business or life in general.

I can’t wait to hear!

Enjoy the replay!



Mark your calendars for the next Lunch & Learn!

May 4th @ 12:30pm EDT

I’ll be announcing the topic soon! So stay tuned, as they say 🙂