National Entrepreneurship Month

Did you know it’s National Entrepreneurship Month?! Join me in celebrating US! The doers, the dreamers, and the job creators whose vision and grit have changed the landscape of our workforce here in the U.S. and across the world! 


Entrepreneurs turn vision into reality and ideas into products and profits.  


Here’s what the Biden Administration says about why it gave this us month and Entrepreneur’s Day on November 15th.


“Starting and owning a business has always been a key path to the American Dream — a way to build wealth, serve your neighbors, and leave a mark in a community and on the world.  Requiring risk-taking and daring, entrepreneurs faced additional challenges during the pandemic and the economic crisis that it created. Two years ago, hundreds of thousands of small businesses closed, while others struggled to find workers and stock their shelves. But as we have recovered, Americans have responded with an entrepreneurial spirit, seizing the opportunity to build new businesses and launch new careers.”


This might be a bit controversial, but I don’t totally believe in the “American Dream.” There I said it! BUT I do believe entrepreneurs are making things happen right now faster than ever, and we deserve the recognition! 


It’s often a struggle, but entrepreneurs are able to adapt! We don’t quit! We dig in and figure it out. So cheers to that! 


So how do you go from being an entrepreneur to a thought leader? What does it even mean to be a thought leader? I’m excited to be doing my first Lunch and Learn on just that



You have ideas of how to become a thought leader – but how does one do that? What does that even mean – to be a thought leader? If you’re like me, you’ve had these questions!

That’s why I developed the Thought Leaders Lunch and Learn! We will go over all this and how to get visible! 


Grab your lunch and join me on Dec. 15th at 12:30pm EST

Look for more details and how to sign up very soon!