News Jumping: Using current events and fast action to jump on news stories

When the Chauvin trial verdict was revealed earlier than many expected, it was the only thing news stations were talking about. Our client, Kim Crowder, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker and Consultant, had an article released in Forbes the day before on What The Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict Might Mean For The Black Community And How Workplaces Can Begin Preparing For Either Outcome. Our quick-thinking publicist immediately started reaching out to news stations for Kim to share her expertise on what the verdict meant for America. On that day alone, she was booked and interviewed on three different platforms sharing her insight on the trial verdict.

How was Kim so prepared, and what can you do to be ready for the next big story?


Preparation is Key

You are an expert in your niche, which means that you have insight and knowledge that you can share on demand. Having pitches or pitching templates that are ready to use when a big story hits can save you a lot of time; having a list of reliable media contacts that might be interested in your expertise will also ensure that your pitch gets where it needs to go quickly. 

Using strong news pegs and knowing what pegs work well with topics will also help get your pitches sent out and seen. Look out for news that is trending and gaining traction in your industry so that you can grab the attention of your audience at a moment’s notice. Keep up with topics that are trending locally, nationally, and globally. Keeping up with big stories and looking for updates keeps you in the loop and ready to pounce when a story presents itself.


Be Ready at a Moment’s Notice

The news cycle never stops, and you never know when the next big story will break, which is why you need to be ready! Be prepared to put yourself, your pitches, and your story out there for the world to see at any given time. Again, you are the expert, so when a big topic presents itself, be prepared to get on screen. 

No amount of preparation, planning, or pitching will matter if you are not ready to get on camera and talk about what is going on. Make yourself available and put yourself out there for the media to find you when they need you to speak on a trending topic. Being ready at all times is not an easy task; it is a group effort that requires communication and dedication by you, your team, your PR agency, and the media outlet you are featured on.


Using Different Types of Media

Our client, Kim, had an article coming out in Forbes magazine about the Derek Chauvin trial. This enabled her to have written content ready to go to use to reach out to other media. She had also been staying up to date on the latest news on the case, so she could easily transition between written and spoken content. She had her talking points already written down so she knew them and could send them quickly. 

You can do the same! You do not need numerous published articles, blog posts, social media posts, or content to utilize different forms of media to promote your story. All you need is the right story and your expertise. Using different forms of media helps you get seen by more people. Many media outlets want to hear from an expert now; practice moving between written content, spoken content, and interviews so that no matter who reaches out, you can give them the information they need!

Kim has been featured in many publications, including Business Insider, Cheddar, and LinkedIn News. Her ability to be ready when news hits and transition across media types makes her a go-to source for information in her industry!