The news cycle typically ebbs and flows with headlines and topics that fit the times. Our current focus, much like the focus of most around the world, has been on topics pertaining to the current events in Ukraine, as well as the myriad of social justice issues that have been making the headlines here in the U.S. Some lighter focus has been on topics related to themes of Spring. But, no matter what the topics have been, our clients have continued to show up and share their vast array of knowledge and insight with the media. I am excited to shine a light on a few of our clients who have offered exceptional insight with intriguing media interviews over the last few weeks.


Kim Crowder

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert; and one of the country’s top anti-racism speakers, Kim Crowder ensures that businesses and organizations embed qualities of inclusion and equity within their policies and framework. Beyond that though, she shares her expertise with the public, shining light on the injustices that many people face in the workplace, in the home, in schools, in healthcare, and more. She encourages people to widen their lens and to view the bigger picture of what is wrong with our societal structure, and what each one of us can do to make it right. 

Recently Kim was asked by NBC News to weigh in on the current crisis in Ukraine in regards to the discrimination against African and Black individuals at the border of Poland trying to flee to safety. Kim states “it’s not surprising, particularly if we look at this in the historical context. It’s happened to Black and brown people before. There’s always fear-mongering that exists when it’s attached to Black and brown faces, and it gives us a sense of what their experiences could be at those borders.” This interview was featured on She also appeared on Fox Soul to discuss the potential impact that DEI can have in the workplace. 

Check out what she and others had to say about this humanitarian crisis affecting these families and individuals at the border.


Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena is a best-selling author, speaker, podcast host and coach. He helps his clients reprogram the way they think and live to help them create more abundance and freedom. 

Daniel was recently featured in Oprah Daily where he discusses how to look at your fears from a lens of opportunity. “Interrogate your fear, to see if it’s keeping you safe…” In this article, he talks about how you can assess your fears and the outcomes to determine whether your fears are protecting you or hindering you. Fear is a valuable asset, but only if we use it to our advantage. 

Read more about how to assess your fears!


Dr. Wayne Pernell

Dr. Wayne Pernell is a Success Coach who helps his clients unleash their inner leader. He also speaks at length about how each person can grow as an individual while helping to inspire others along the way. He is an expert source on changing the way you think to achieve the most joy out of life and to share that joy with others. He was recently asked for his take on how to talk to children about the crisis facing Ukraine. 

In his interview with KVUE ABC, Dr. P discusses how perceptive children are and how to talk to them about adult topics. “Your children are the barometer for the home and you really need to focus on what you are putting out there that they might be picking up,” Pernell said. “It’s important to assume that kids will hear about it anyway, and that goes from everything from the war to more adult topics.” His advice was also picked up globally on the topic and he was featured in Calgary’s Child, a Canadian outlet. 

Learn more about how to talk to children about the war in Ukraine from Dr. Wayne Pernell.


Regardless of what is going on in the world or what the media is focusing on, our clients are able to pivot their messaging and provide thoughtful, engaging, and impactful content that brings value and knowledge to the audiences they reach. Media exposure is not all about getting your name out there, it is about reaching out to those who need it most to offer moments of comfort during trying times, to shed light on issues that need to be addressed, and to offer inspiration to remind people that they can always create the life they desire. When done well, and when done with ethical compassion and regard for those we speak to, media exposure is activism through expertise.