PR Blueprint

If you’re wanting to get TV interviews and quoted in articles or booked on podcasts, i.e. media placement, like with building a house, you also need a blueprint to make it happen!

As you can tell, I’m loving the building a house analogy! 🙂

Your blueprint is your guide, your plan for the whole building process. Same with PR.

We start by formulating a detailed plan that is tailored to help achieve your goals.

So what are your goals? The plan starts by answering that question and really honing in on your target audience and what are their wants and needs.


To help you determine your goals and how to reach your ideal audience (the first 2 key steps!) I have a PR blueprint that you can get started on TODAY!

The Blueprint walks you through some questions you probably haven’t thought about or answered before. NOT to worry if you look at it and say – well, gee, I don’t know! That’s ok! At least you are thinking about it, and you’re well on your way to a plan – a plan of getting in front of your right audience with your right messaging.

Download your Blueprint to Great PR HERE.

Your homework – start filling it out in the next 24-48 hours, and then let me know how you’re doing.

Are you stuck on something? Are you not sure how to get in front of your audience? Are you wondering how to figure out your messaging?

Book a FREE call with me to go over your Blueprint! I’m only offering this, because it’s a longer call, through May. Then we start the busy summer season.

I’m here to help! So book now!



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