PR Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the business person in your life; then check out this holiday gift guide that will take care of all their media needs! It has everything you need to have a great experience in the media; from microphones to the best camera tripods, there’s something for everyone! And what’s great about this list is it is all easily found on Amazon. 



High-quality microphones are an essential part of nailing recordings and interviews. Check out some of these mics that are perfect for the interviewer or interviewee in your life!


Movo clip-on mic

This microphone is great for interviews, it has a lapel clip and plugs right into your laptop! It has a long cord so you are free to move around. You don’t need any special software or drivers for this mic, it has a convenient plug and play design that makes it easy for last-minute conversations! It also has a great, clear sound. 


Movo multi-pattern studio microphone with stand

This is like having three microphones built into one! It’s cardioid, bi-directional, and omnidirectional and you can select which one works best for you and your projects! This microphone is great for podcasting and other recordings.


Blue yeti USB Mic

This USB-compatible microphone is perfect for recording podcasts, Zoom meetings, or recording videos. It has cardioid, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and stereo patterns giving you recording options that would normally require more than one mic. Get this all-in-one microphone for anyone who loves recording!


Cameras and accessories

Does the business owner you are shopping for create a lot of videos? What about video interviews? Sometimes those built-in laptop cameras just don’t cut it! I have put together some amazing cameras and camera accessories so they never have to worry about subpar video!


Logitech brio 4K webcam

With four times the resolution of most standard webcams, this camera delivers professional video quality no matter if you are recording at home or in your office! It is noise-canceling and has automatic light adjustment that keeps them in their best light no matter what room they are in. 


Nexigo N940P 2K zoomable webcam

This remote-compatible webcam offers zooming capabilities which are convenient for shooting videos. This is a great camera with a built-in microphone that helps cancel out ambient noise. It is USB compatible and requires no additional software!


Movo universal mini camera tripod

Does your special someone need an extra hand? Get them this extendable mini-tripod to shoot videos and take pictures anywhere! It can be used with cameras, smartphones, and GoPros! It is fully adjustable so they will be able to shoot at the perfect angle every time.


Movo smartphone video kit

This video kit is exactly what the vlogger or on-the-go entrepreneur in your life needs! It is smartphone compatible, comes with a lot of accessories, and allows them to take their interviews and recordings on the road. It’s the full kit!


MACTREM LED ring light

I love the versatility and ease of use with this 10-inch ring light. With multiple light color and brightness settings, there is not much left to be desired in a simple ring light! It is USB powered and compatible with many types of devices, and even comes with a smartphone holder making it even more convenient to use!


Neewer ring light kit

This high-quality ring light kit has it all. With an 18’ light, color filter sets, and stand this light kit boasts several set up options and professional quality lighting. If you are looking for professional lighting that is easy to set up, check out this light kit!

No matter what the entrepreneur or business person in your life does, these techy gifts will help uplevel their interviews, meetings, and content creation! Give a gift that helps them achieve all their media needs with good lighting, perfect audio, and high-quality video!