PR is Like Building A House 🏡

I was talking with a new client recently, and he was asking why we don’t do month-to-month in PR. At least not here at KT Media. He has a podcast about the home building industry, so I realized the perfect analogy and said – “PR is like building a house. You wouldn’t put the roof on before the walls were done, would you? There is a specific order to which homes are built, PR is the same way!”


PR starts with a strong foundation of messaging and strategy. Just like constructing a home, PR requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a team effort to ensure everything is in place. It’s like laying the bricks of your brand’s identity, putting up the walls of your reputation, and putting a roof over your head to protect it all. And just like a well-built house, a well-executed PR strategy can weather any storm.


Granted, some people can jump ahead and skip a few steps by getting lucky or having really great timing, but most people – I would say 95% – should go through the process of executing their personalized strategy, getting in the news cycle, and in front of their exact RIGHT audience before appealing to the masses. 


The process works its magic by building momentum. One step at a time! 


I happen to love watching the” house being built” in PR. One of my main objectives is making sure our clients don’t just enjoy the outcomes, but also the process of getting media placements! The building process should be fun! 


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