PR Predictions for 2023

I’ve been talking a lot about being a thought leader in your industry and what it means and how to use it to get more visible and connect with your audience in 2023. During my Thought Leader Lunch & Learn recently – you can still get the replay HERE – we talked about how to start putting together your content as a thought leader. One of the best ways is by using your knowledge of your industry to make predictions. It’s about being confident enough to put yourself out on a limb and not being afraid if people disagree with you. That just means you’re truly a thought leader because it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about furthering the conversation. Not dominating it.


For example, here are my predictions for the PR industry for 2023.


This year we’ll see even more pitching to podcasters and YouTubers. We’ll see an increase in YouTube shows and content. Demand for more video and audio content is growing across all industries. Podcast listenership will also continue to grow by 15-20%. 


Thus, PR teams will start to have dedicated team members focused on these emerging channels. As agencies adapt to the proliferation of digital content, in-house podcasting teams will become more common, and more executives will seek out guest spots on podcasts with authoritative content in their industry. 

Agencies will also start to lean more heavily into social media and video channels.


The marketplace will also get more flooded with industry experts. So standing out will be key! And for PR pros that means tightly targeted, highly relevant pitches will be necessary to make their clients stand out and present value. 


We’ll see how much of that comes true, but it’s a safe bet that more video content is the way to go in 2023. 


And lucky for you, if you’ve been even thinking about kickstarting your visibility in 2023, I have a few new ways to work with us that fit different-sized budgets. So let’s talk! 

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