Reconnect with your business through writing a book

If you are feeling disconnected from your business you should consider writing a book! I know that might sound like something that is not a high priority at the time, but the sheer process of writing a book helps you reevaluate your goals to better align your business. When you are writing a book, you map out goals, identify your target audience and strategize how to best reach them  – all things that you can use to reconnect with your business. 


Identify your why

We have talked about finding your why and the reason it is SO important. The why of your book is a critical aspect to identify because everything else is based off of it. Your why will dictate how your book is laid out, the audience you are writing your book for, and how you will market your book.

When you are writing a book, being clear on your why will keep you focused, connect your business to your audience, and remind you of your journey that lead you to that point. This keeps you motivated and immersed in your business and in writing your book.


Know your audience

Having a clearly identified audience will help you focus on the direction of your book. When you start to brainstorm ways to connect with your audience, it will also help you think of ways to reach that audience to get them into your sales funnel as well. Kind of a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie concept. You started your business to help others and solve a problem, getting to know your audience all over again and staying curious on how to engage them is a great way to revitalize your passion and your audience/ customers/ clients will see that and be more engaged. 


Reach Your Audience

If you are forced to think – how can I get my book in the hands of my readers? At the same time you will be brainstorming how to reach your clients for your business. Once you know who they are, or what type of person you are targeting with your book, say mid-level business executives who are feeling burnt out, but are unsure of their next move, you should find those people and poll them about what type of media they consume and where they spend their time on social media. Those are going to be the best ways to get your message or info about your book to them. 

Writing a book for your business forces you to dig deeper into what you do and why you do it. 

What could you write a book about? It’s fun to explore!