Spring pitching

March signifies the much-anticipated promises of Spring. Finally, we begin the long-awaited transition out of Winter, heading towards warmer weather, bluer skies, and abundant opportunity! Spring themes may seem cliche and overused, but cliche is simply an opportunity to practice creativity, breathing new life into old ideas. 

The entire narrative of Spring is about Mother Nature coming back to life, awakening from her Winter slumber and bursting forth with signs of livelihood and renewed purpose. People too, start to come alive alongside Mother Nature. At least here on the East Coast, where it’s been far too cold for far too long! We look to the warmer weather to remind us that brighter days are ahead and how much good a little sunshine can do for the sleepy soul. Can you tell it’s my favorite?! 

March is also a great time to look ahead to Spring worthy media topics and to get excited about getting yourself or your business blossoming like the daffodils dotting the springscape.  

So, let’s talk about some fresh takes on traditional Spring themes, and new approaches to old tropes. Here are a few creative examples of how you can use Spring narratives to pitch you or your businesses expertise to the media. 

#1 Spring Cleaning: It’s not just for the closets. How can you pivot this message to capture your area of expertise? Examples may include clearing the mindset, clearing old grudges, clearing out your finances (checking for recurring expenses you may forget you have) etc.

#2 Renewal: Spring is a time for renewal. How can you breathe new life into your business or personal life? Can you reinvigorate your workout or self-care routines? Can you renew a passion for writing, or renew your interest in leadership? Can you inspire your potential clients or audience to do the same?

#3 Growth: Spring is quite literally a time for growth. Look at growth for your finances, your friendships, your personal and professional goals. Ask how you can help your clients and audience achieve the growth they desire this Spring season.

#4 Planting seeds: Plant a seed of interest in media contacts by presenting yourself as an expert source. Can you teach people how to plant seeds for financial success, plant seeds for healthy relationships, plant seeds for a positive mindset, or seeds for change by getting involved in activism, etc. (Earth Day is also April 22nd)

Spring is here, and as swiftly as she arrives, she will also be on her way out. The tulips are beautiful when they blossom, but their show is short-lived. Your Spring media opportunities are the same! Start early, plant those seeds, and water those media relationships to get your PR garden and media page into full bloom!