State of Journalism 2023 – The Need for DATA!

Why should we care about the state of journalism right now?

If we better understand what journalists are going through, we can better approach them and help them! We are the experts they need! We are the people they should be hearing from. Let’s be as valuable to them as we can be and they will take notice! 

Cision just came out with their 2023 Global State of the Media Report. They surveyed more than 3,000 journalists across the globe. 


What I like about their report, beyond some suggestions on how to better secure media coverage, is they took a look more deeply to help understand the state of the relationship with journalists and people behind the numbers. 


But let’s start with the numbers… the number one thing journalists are looking for, drum roll please…. Is reliable DATA!

40% of journalists say they are relying more on data this year (views, engagement, demographic data, etc.) to shape their editorial strategy than they have in previous years. Just over half (54%) say they are relying on it the same amount, with a mere 6% saying they are relying on it less. 


In fact, 68% of journalists said they wanted data – in the form of original research, such as trends and market data, from PR and comms professionals. 

When asked specifically what communications professionals can do to make their jobs easier, 66% of journalists responded with “provide data and expert sources.” 

This is why it’s great that we try to understand how and why journalists are using data elements in their stories so we can provide access to the data they desire. This will help us here at KT Media to be able to better position our clients – YOU – as indispensable and in-demand partners with journalists – leading to more secured media coverage for them! 


Some other interesting findings included… 

Journalists also expressed heavier reliance on social media – to promote their work and engage with audiences, among other reasons – and on multimedia. 

They also expressed concern about the critical nature of maintaining truth and accuracy while sharing optimistic outlooks about the transformational role of tech and data with the release of ChatGPT-4.


These findings only reinforce the critical need for us to be as diligent as ever in providing trusted, accurate, and relevant content for journalists.

Email me if you would like a copy of the full report! 

And let’s go over what you can offer up to the media!