Summer: The Perfect Time to Pitch to the Media

Summer is a time for leisure and reprieve. It is also a time for productivity and building momentum. During the summer months, many of us will take vacation time and be out of the office for extended periods, so it is only natural to assume that no one will be around to pitch to. The reality is that many journalists are searching for new sources and new insights during the slower summer months!


Take advantage of the slow season

In the world of PR, slow moments are a rarity. When summer rolls around, take advantage of the downturn. To match the lighthearted spirit of the season, many media outlets are looking for lighter stories or family focused content.

Look for opportunities for morning interview segments and podcast appearances. With many people on vacation, shows that run regularly may have trouble finding people to fill their segments. Utilize this need for availability to gain media exposure and get your topic covered. 


Consider new angles

During the ‘summer slump,’ journalists and reporters may consider stories and pitches that they do not normally cover. If you have a topic that stands out, pitch it! More in-depth pitches or stories that cover different information and sources are also of interest. Still practice being considerate of to whom you are pitching and gauge their interest in your story or idea; but remember not to be too pushy just because it is summer!


Pitching during the slow cycle

Since fewer leads are coming in, those you are pitching to might see your pitch sooner during the summer than they would if you sent them a pitch in the fall or winter. Having shorter lead times means that you can pitch more often as long as you are pitching things that are relevant. You do need to be considerate of your contact’s schedule and time. If you are pitching something that is time-sensitive, like the 4th of July, be sure to give them plenty of time to see your pitch and follow up on it.


Plan for success

There is no such thing as over-planning. Start planning pitches, stories, and leads for the upcoming fall and winter months as well as focusing on current summer topics. Having some longer-lead pitches ready to send out 3-6 months in advance gives your contact plenty of time to read your pitch and mark it on their seasonal calendars.

You can also use this time to make more connections and build relationships that will help you land more pitches in the future. Use this season to plan and implement improvements in your business and your pitches. Strengthen your brand and work with others to increase your sphere of influence.

While you should definitely engage in some downtime for yourself this summer, schedule time each week to craft your PR content as well. If you have trouble crafting pitches, we’re here to help you!