What Can PR Do For You?

I’ve been talking a lot about ChatGPT – the journalist in me is still alive! – so I wanted to dive into and explore what it can do and thought- hey, I bet people would be interested in this too! So I’m giving a Lunch & Learn on how we can all use the AI…

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I see you! Does everyone else?

I see you! I see your drive and determination to make your business or book or product or ideas succeed! I see your will and eagerness to be the top of your field. To be the most well-known. To be at the top of the google search. To be THE go-to person or business. To…

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Let’s Get Visible!

Let’s Get Visible! Visible 🎵🎶 Are you singing the “Let’s Get Physical” Oliva Newton-John (RIP!) song now like I am? It’s so good! Definitely dating myself here! Haha But our version is visible! How are you going to get to the next level with what you’re trying to put out there? Your podcast, your book,…

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PR Predictions for 2023

I’ve been talking a lot about being a thought leader in your industry and what it means and how to use it to get more visible and connect with your audience in 2023. During my Thought Leader Lunch & Learn recently – you can still get the replay HERE – we talked about how to…

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Get the Thought Leader Lunch and Learn Replay!

I’m feeling festive! A little holiday gift for you – instead of just for those who registered already, I’m giving you the chance to download the replay of last week’s Thought Leader Lunch & Learn! It was a great session, and I’m excited to be expanding upon it next year! Here’s what people said: “This was…

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Reconnect with your business through writing a book

reconnect with your business

If you are feeling disconnected from your business you should consider writing a book! I know that might sound like something that is not a high priority at the time, but the sheer process of writing a book helps you reevaluate your goals to better align your business. When you are writing a book, you…

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Publishers vs. Publicists

publishers vs. publicists

What is the difference between a publisher and a publicist? They sound similar, but they are two completely different groups with different ways to help you with your book and your business. You might not know the differences and you’re not alone! Here’s more on how to make sure you aren’t asking one to do…

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Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

If you are in the process of writing a book you have probably looked into how you are publishing it, which can be even more challenging than writing the book itself. Have no fear, we are here to help! Today we are going to go over some key differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing to…

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What can publishing a book do for your business?

publishing a book

Have you pondered the idea of publishing your own book? Many business owners, thought leaders, and gurus actively promote their books as an extension of their brand and messaging. Publishing a book can help you expand your business and may be easier than you think, let’s dive into all the details.   Grow your business…

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Self Publishing Timeline for First-Time Authors

A previous blog post discussed the Traditional Book Publishing Timeline which summarized everything you need to know about outsourcing publishing to a company rather than going down the self-publishing route. Today we’ll be talking about self-publishing and how it could potentially allow you to bypass many of the obstacles you would experience in traditional publishing…

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