PR Blueprint

If you’re wanting to get TV interviews and quoted in articles or booked on podcasts, i.e. media placement, like with building a house, you also need a blueprint to make it happen! As you can tell, I’m loving the building a house analogy! 🙂 Your blueprint is your guide, your plan for the whole building…

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Our clients in the media


The news cycle typically ebbs and flows with headlines and topics that fit the times. Our current focus, much like the focus of most around the world, has been on topics pertaining to the current events in Ukraine, as well as the myriad of social justice issues that have been making the headlines here in…

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How COVID Has Changed The Media in 2021

After what can only be known as the strangest year in history, as pleased as we are to be here in 2021, I have to admit many of us are suffering from what could only be called a 2020 (crazy year) hangover.    2020 was an amazing year for KT Media Strategies, which might come…

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