I see you! Does everyone else?

I see you! I see your drive and determination to make your business or book or product or ideas succeed! I see your will and eagerness to be the top of your field. To be the most well-known. To be at the top of the google search. To be THE go-to person or business. To…

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Let’s Get Visible!

Let’s Get Visible! Visible 🎵🎶 Are you singing the “Let’s Get Physical” Oliva Newton-John (RIP!) song now like I am? It’s so good! Definitely dating myself here! Haha But our version is visible! How are you going to get to the next level with what you’re trying to put out there? Your podcast, your book,…

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Why I Started My PR Business

Katie Reiss

All these years later, I still don’t consider myself a boss. My social media manager wanted to give me a shout-out for National Bosses Day this past weekend and I just thought – that’s not me! Haha But I guess it is! I have an amazing team behind me that makes KT Media what it…

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The “Anti” Trend Pitches that Landed a Client in Major Media

media pitches

Sometimes the best media pitches are those that buck a trend or go against conventional thinking. The media typically LOVES things that go against the grain a bit or is a different way of thinking. These headlines get people’s attention. Think… “What NOT to do.” It’s often better to highlight these than what TO DO. …

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What I am grateful for: Amanda McVicker Interview

Amanda McVicker

Katie (00:00): Hi everyone, Katie Riess here, and we continue our series on people I am really grateful for. This week we’ll be honoring Amanda McVicker, my amazing OBM, who I could not be where I am today without honestly. I wanted to introduce her to all of you and let you say hi and…

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A Special Announcement from Katie

I am grateful

*This is the first video in a Thankful series Katie is doing, highlighting clients, publicists, and those who helped to make KT Media Strategies what it is today. For the month of November, I want to share with everyone some of the amazing people and things that I am grateful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving…

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How media placements can increase your thought leadership

thought leader

Thought leadership is more than just a buzzword, it is an in depth process that involves becoming a go-to source for information in your industry. Once you have established your content, you can leverage the power of media placements to increase your status as a thought leader.   Building your network Utilizing media placements will…

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News Jumping: Using current events and fast action to jump on news stories

Preparing for news stories

When the Chauvin trial verdict was revealed earlier than many expected, it was the only thing news stations were talking about. Our client, Kim Crowder, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker and Consultant, had an article released in Forbes the day before on What The Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict Might Mean For The Black Community And…

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How Media Can Help Small Businesses

It’s small business week so let’s discuss the benefits that press attention can bring to your small business.  Being featured in the news and media, whether print or broadcast, sets a small business apart and situates them as an expert in the minds of the audience! When you increase your visibility beyond Facebook, Instagram and…

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How to Pivot Your Message and Improve Media Interviews

Have you ever been nervous and said the wrong thing on camera? Or maybe you had an interview that didn’t go quite as planned due to the reporter’s questions? If so, you’ve come to the right place.    Today, I’m going to teach you how to pivot away from those unwanted conversations and turn them…

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