Why I Started My PR Business

Katie Reiss

All these years later, I still don’t consider myself a boss. My social media manager wanted to give me a shout-out for National Bosses Day this past weekend and I just thought – that’s not me! Haha But I guess it is! I have an amazing team behind me that makes KT Media what it…

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Falling Into Self Growth

As the Fall season begins, I wanted to note how to use the change of season as a time for new opportunities. Fall is certainly a time of visual change. But it is also a time of shifting focus. It is a time of clearing away the old to make space for the new. Just…

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Reconnect with your business through writing a book

reconnect with your business

If you are feeling disconnected from your business you should consider writing a book! I know that might sound like something that is not a high priority at the time, but the sheer process of writing a book helps you reevaluate your goals to better align your business. When you are writing a book, you…

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What is your media why?

You want media coverage, but you aren’t sure exactly WHY you think you need a media presence… Does this sound like you?   One of the most important things you need to ask yourself to begin your media journey is, “what is my media why?”   Your media why is the first thing you need…

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