Insider PR Tips for During the Holiday Rush

We are just celebrating Halloween, but I’m sure you’ve seen the stores are filling with holiday decor, Thanksgiving travel plans are underway, and the festivities of the winter holiday season will soon be tickling the minds of families, retailers, and the media alike. While the summer months may historically be a bit slower as far…

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What You Need to Know About the Current State of Podcasting: New Data

Podcasts have taken off in popularity over the past few years. They have swiftly become a trusted news source, a booming aspect of the entertainment industry, and a conversational way to connect with celebrities and influencers we know and love. What’s your favorite podcast has become as valid a question as what’s your favorite book,…

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PR Holiday Gift Guide

gift guide

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the business person in your life; then check out this holiday gift guide that will take care of all their media needs! It has everything you need to have a great experience in the media; from microphones to the best camera tripods, there’s something for…

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Are Podcasts Media?

podcasts media

The short answer is yes, podcasts are media. They may not be the traditional media you are used to such as radio, television, or magazines, but they can be a great way to gain visibility with your exact audience. Like all media, podcasts come in tiers. Just about anyone can become a podcaster these days.…

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What you need to pitch podcasts

pitch to podcasts

Pitching to podcasts is different from pitching to many other types of media. Podcast pitching involves in-depth research and proof that you can deliver the type of information that will resonate with the host’s audience. Podcast hosts have built and cultivated a dedicated following. Your job is to make your message match their listener base. …

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