PR Blueprint

If you’re wanting to get TV interviews and quoted in articles or booked on podcasts, i.e. media placement, like with building a house, you also need a blueprint to make it happen! As you can tell, I’m loving the building a house analogy! 🙂 Your blueprint is your guide, your plan for the whole building…

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PR Predictions for 2023

I’ve been talking a lot about being a thought leader in your industry and what it means and how to use it to get more visible and connect with your audience in 2023. During my Thought Leader Lunch & Learn recently – you can still get the replay HERE – we talked about how to…

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National Entrepreneurship Month

Did you know it’s National Entrepreneurship Month?! Join me in celebrating US! The doers, the dreamers, and the job creators whose vision and grit have changed the landscape of our workforce here in the U.S. and across the world!    Entrepreneurs turn vision into reality and ideas into products and profits.     Here’s what the…

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Insider PR Tips for During the Holiday Rush

We are just celebrating Halloween, but I’m sure you’ve seen the stores are filling with holiday decor, Thanksgiving travel plans are underway, and the festivities of the winter holiday season will soon be tickling the minds of families, retailers, and the media alike. While the summer months may historically be a bit slower as far…

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Why I Started My PR Business

Katie Reiss

All these years later, I still don’t consider myself a boss. My social media manager wanted to give me a shout-out for National Bosses Day this past weekend and I just thought – that’s not me! Haha But I guess it is! I have an amazing team behind me that makes KT Media what it…

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Checking in on Your Mental Health

Black history month

World Mental Health Day was yesterday, but it shouldn’t be just one day! I spent the day checking in and taking stock of my mental health. Did you? If not, it’s not too late to make it part of your routine! Ask yourself – What am I doing to care for my mental health and…

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Using Our Voices To Make An Impact

I’ve been watching with the rest of the world as unrest in the Middle East continues to make the headlines. Dozens of people have lost their lives while engaging in demonstrations in response to the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, who died while in police custody. Life is the ultimate price to…

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Expertise/ Thought Leadership

communication statement

Do you know your exact expertise? Do you know how to relay it to your audience? Will your audience relate to your message? You may have a good handle on what is your expertise, but do you know how to properly communicate it to your audience? Have you ever thought about how your audience receives…

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Spring pitching


March signifies the much-anticipated promises of Spring. Finally, we begin the long-awaited transition out of Winter, heading towards warmer weather, bluer skies, and abundant opportunity! Spring themes may seem cliche and overused, but cliche is simply an opportunity to practice creativity, breathing new life into old ideas.  The entire narrative of Spring is about Mother…

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What I am Grateful For: Dr. Wayne Pernell

what i am grateful for

Katie (00:02): Hi everyone, Katie Riess here. And I’m continuing my series on people who I am grateful for this holiday season. I want to introduce you to one of my longtime clients, Dr. Wayne Pernell, who is the founder and president of Dynamic Leader, an amazing company. He does a lot of speaking. He…

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