When Life Gives You Covid, You Listen

Going to keep things brief today as I’m still getting over Covid… again! I let myself get rundown and boom! Through the disappointment of having to move or delay things, it has given me the time to think about things that are truly important. So this is my reminder to you to stay the course…

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What Can Chat (GPT) Do For You!

Exploring AI (ChatGPT) and PR … That’s what my next Lunch & Learn is going to dive into! I’m very excited about this one. It’s a discussion starting to brew all over the place, and I think it’s important to see the good, the bad, and the ugly with AI. First, have you heard of…

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I see you! Does everyone else?

I see you! I see your drive and determination to make your business or book or product or ideas succeed! I see your will and eagerness to be the top of your field. To be the most well-known. To be at the top of the google search. To be THE go-to person or business. To…

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National Entrepreneurship Month

Did you know it’s National Entrepreneurship Month?! Join me in celebrating US! The doers, the dreamers, and the job creators whose vision and grit have changed the landscape of our workforce here in the U.S. and across the world!    Entrepreneurs turn vision into reality and ideas into products and profits.     Here’s what the…

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Insider PR Tips for During the Holiday Rush

We are just celebrating Halloween, but I’m sure you’ve seen the stores are filling with holiday decor, Thanksgiving travel plans are underway, and the festivities of the winter holiday season will soon be tickling the minds of families, retailers, and the media alike. While the summer months may historically be a bit slower as far…

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Why I Started My PR Business

Katie Reiss

All these years later, I still don’t consider myself a boss. My social media manager wanted to give me a shout-out for National Bosses Day this past weekend and I just thought – that’s not me! Haha But I guess it is! I have an amazing team behind me that makes KT Media what it…

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Checking in on Your Mental Health

Black history month

World Mental Health Day was yesterday, but it shouldn’t be just one day! I spent the day checking in and taking stock of my mental health. Did you? If not, it’s not too late to make it part of your routine! Ask yourself – What am I doing to care for my mental health and…

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Using Our Voices To Make An Impact

I’ve been watching with the rest of the world as unrest in the Middle East continues to make the headlines. Dozens of people have lost their lives while engaging in demonstrations in response to the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, who died while in police custody. Life is the ultimate price to…

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The “Anti” Trend Pitches that Landed a Client in Major Media

media pitches

Sometimes the best media pitches are those that buck a trend or go against conventional thinking. The media typically LOVES things that go against the grain a bit or is a different way of thinking. These headlines get people’s attention. Think… “What NOT to do.” It’s often better to highlight these than what TO DO. …

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Media placement and social media – a match made in heaven

Media placement and social media - a match made in heaven

Social media numbers- do they matter?    This is another question I get asked a lot. The short answer is Yes! A lot! Social media matters, whether we like it or not. Here’s why.   If a TV producer gets similar pitches on similar topics from two different people with similar expertise and background –…

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