The “Anti” Trend Pitches that Landed a Client in Major Media

Sometimes the best media pitches are those that buck a trend or go against conventional thinking. The media typically LOVES things that go against the grain a bit or is a different way of thinking. These headlines get people’s attention. Think… “What NOT to do.” It’s often better to highlight these than what TO DO. 

We did this with a client recently and it landed him 8 TV interviews (including in the #1 market), 2 radio interviews and a feature in Oprah Daily! It was the pitch that kept on giving! Because it was different.

So what was the topic? Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions! 

We also did one that read – Stop Meditating! Which made people stop and think… why? And they kept reading. 

These headlines worked beautifully for our client Daniel. He went against what other pitches were suggesting – that suggested what you should do for your New Year’s Resolution. 

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