Use Your Story as an Advantage

We all have those stories. The ones that have led us to where we are today. The ones that have made us who we are. 


When pitching to the media, so many people get hung up on what they THINK the media and their audience will be interested in that they forget the most important piece of the puzzle – THEIR STORY.


How you share your story and make it relatable to your audience is what will grab the media’s attention. It’s what can make or break the pitch.


YOUR story is YOUR superpower.


Sure, in other blog posts, we talk about how you have to research to find out what the media wants to hear about in the current moment. What we haven’t talked about is really how to apply that research and relate it back to you and your story.


So, before you even begin to start writing that pitch, take these tips to heart and you will stand out to those media outlets in no time. I also highly suggest you read the beginner’s guide HERE that I posted a few weeks ago that will get you initially started with pitching to the media. After reading, you can expand on your pitch with your compelling story.


Nothing keeps people on the edge of their seat than a good story. This doesn’t mean to create a mystery or something with a plot twist. But a real, authentic story that is yours and only yours to share.


And when you use this superpower, something magical happens. It connects us with others and makes the topic at hand relatable.


Here’s a quick example: Are you a parent? Maybe you want to talk about a parenting topic. Show the media how you are going to fit in with that topic by telling them an interesting parenting experience. This can prove you have a greater understanding of the topic at hand by having a personal backstory. 


Look: Pitching to the media is not as complicated, daunting, or intimidating as you may think. In fact, it can be as easy as sharing information you know will be appreciated by a colleague.


Know what your target audience is interested in, what their writers and readers deem as important news then go ahead and create valuable content for them that you have experience in.


Next, initiate a personalized conversation with your prospect journalist and go ahead and make your pitch. You might be shocked to see how your response rates soar!




Are you getting ready to pitch to the media?


Do you want to find a way to get your pitch to stand out above the rest?


Of course you do…Here’s a quick tip:


Find resources, information, and sources for what the media is currently covering.


In order for your work to not be passed over and considered a “yawn” for the media, you need to pivot your writing to what would grab their attention and be relevant to them. 


During your research before you pitch, try to find a current news issue, event, or annual celebration that you can use as a “peg” for your story. For example, right now the media is highly focused on COVID-19. Put a different spin on that topic. Present them with something that maybe they haven’t considered or thought of yet. Remember, relate it to YOUR personal story or experience.


Be genuine, do your research, and find relevant info and you’ll be landing those placements in the media in no time. 👊 Need help? Book a free call with us today and let’s chat about how we can take your pitch from 🙄 to 🤩!